Welcome to the Awesome Gaming Experience System!

The People have emerged to claim their land back from the monstrosities. They face a terrible battle ahead of them, but with much perseverance, anything is possible.

The Age of Awakening has begun: the world must be discovered anew, and it is heroes like you who are just the people to do so. Go forth, and claim the world once more.

A brief over view:

The world has only recently emerged from hiding in kaers from the Horrors that invaded their plane. The first major continent, Ruthaar, was left a desert wasteland that is only habitable on the outermost rim.

Thay, once a conquering, power-hungry super state, has been reduced to ruins, but the land itself has recovered surprisingly quickly.

The North is a land held by forest and snow. It is ruled by the Elves (often simply called Northerners), who can be cold and resilient as their harsh land.

Astrich lay to the South and some what East of Ruthaar. It was ruled by what were considered uncivilized savages. They were affected by the invasion as well, but their current state is unknown.

~ ~ ~ ~ The system was designed entirely by my self in order to serve my players as a true-storytelling campaign.

The world remains un-named, and I think it will remain that way. However, the world does draw heavily from one of my favorite games, worlds, unique system: Earthdawn


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