A.G.E.S. of Ruthaar Adventure Log!
The Story Thus far

Day 1. The evening started at Orjab’s Gully, Ruthaar. The characters met, had a small fight with a local tough named Manny Kell, and were kicked out for the night. The party then convened outside and realized they had to hunt for orcs, but first, they needed to gather info on them…

There was also a slaying of a noisy chicken.

Day 2. A day of shopping in preparation for the journey. It was only interrupted by researching orcs, and lunch at a local Cafe. Of course, while there, a ghost of a very sorrowful young boy visited and begged for your help.

Supplies were bought, and

That night, a strange and prophetic dream showed you the way to an ancient temple you are to seek out, and afterwords you met with more ghostly figures and went for a moon-lit sleep walk on the beach.


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