Geo Lavanisi

generally reserved, a bit snappish and sarcastic ~A true elf!


- a great yeo-bough ash bow stained black and arrows fletched with golden quail tips.

- tan drawstring bag

- green book on orcs (written in elven)

- a heavy green black cloak with many secretive pockets, that can be inverted for camouflage up North


Geo has had a rough time. One moment, he’s out scouting, the next, he’s called back because of an emergency, and the next thing he knows, half the academy is on fire and his best friend is missing. His quest to find her has led him to where he is now, wherever it may be – though not that he cares. He’d much rather be back at home, but as it is…

Geo has grown up in a society where elves are pretty much superior, or at least, think they are. He may come off as arrogant, but once you get to know him, he’s really a good fellow, loyal and trustworthy. Once you give him a secret, he’ll take it to the grave. Of course, he’s almost just like that with his own secrets as well. Ask no questions and he’ll tell you no lies…not that he lies, of course. Such actions are beneath him.

Geo Lavanisi

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