a kindly but firm bartender in Coolinth, Ruthaar


Orjab Bartender Human Expert 4

Commanding Voice. Targets:1 room, humanoids who can understand him only

Effect: they obey one or more simple commands such as “Break it up!”
“Drop him, now!” or “Leave now or buy another round.”

Magic Wash cloth:
contact with this cloth to a soiled dish cleans it instantly.


Runs Orjab’s Gully in Ruthaar

was married at one point, but had no kids as she died rather young.

Is a kind and understanding person, but does not tolerate violence or drunks.

He inherrited the sea-side establishment from his uncle after his grandfather gave it to him. But that guys cousin actually won it from what was Orjab’s great-great-great Aunt in a bad game of shalob.


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