A warforged with a regular tan shirt, and pants made of brown cloth and the demeanor of one who has grace.


Xanus of Thay (Just Xanus to most) Warforged Presumably Male

Monk Techniques: Being trained by monks for forty years has given Xanus the ability to control his body and mind, as well as be a lethal weapon in his own right. The years of training with the monks has taught him how to defend himself against armed foes, as well as do awesome moves of awesomeness

The Australian: Diving towards the opponent from the front (preferably with their legs slightly open,) grabbing their legs, and using the momentum to pull your legs to their face.

Two Handshakes: Grabbing both your opponents hands you kick them away from you but not letting go, you then pull them towards you by tugging their hands(one handshake) but jump over them in kick-butt monk fashion while holding their hands. Make sure you land behind them facing their back. Pull down on their hands towards each other. This should either dislocate or tear their shoulders (second handshake)

Quivering Stone: A punch so forceful it can break stone and split armor but can’t be used very often because of the amount of strain it causes on the muscles. (or mechanical parts in his case)

Woodchuck Strike: Its like throwing a pointed stick at your neck but with grace and finesse. Using your open hand you jab at your opponents vital pressure points rendering the strong stunned and the weak unconscious.

Weed cutter: Invented during his latest battle. He spiins around so quickly he becomes almost a blur. Due to the nature of his body His fingertips become almost blade like. Good for trimming those pesky weeds.


Green Book of Orchish: in 12 easy lessons you to can sound like an orc!

Bracers of Arrow Snatching: Helps you catch anything sharp and point going towards your body/face at more than 12 mph

Gauntlets: Good for deflecting sharp pointy objects of the stick-like variety.


He gained sentience during the end of the great war. After a few years of wandering the land he came to a monastery were he learned his inner powers and strength and became its sentry for 40 years. Now he quests for atonement after many years of contemplation for all of his mindless destruction. He loves to read, and doesn’t like killing, though he enjoys fighting to the fullest.


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