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Geo Lavanisi—Elf Archer, searching for his friend stolen by orcs.

Tol’mec the Carver —A mysterious monk from… somewhere (or some when) else. His motives are unknown.

Xanus of Thay—A warforged who dedicated himself to monastery during the Invasion, he has come a ways in his spiritual path but has a ways to go.

Derrik Shern—Human Thayan Soldier turned mercenary. Seeking to hide his past, by making good with his future.

Quin-Var—T’skrang(!!) Psion(!!!) with breakdance-fighting skills(?!), trained well in the scimitar, he has been quested to deliver a mysterious box to an unknown individual, and then follow that person to his destiny.

other people including a bard and a something or other (and maybe even a Caster!!!)...

Main Page

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