More than 50 years ago:

Ruthaar, the main continent, was never a singular nation. Instead, it was a massive series of city states that convened to cover more national matters. Elected leaders from each state would provide guidance and wisdom for large affairs. Few people had a problem with this system, and it was effective for many, many years. It was even, on more than one occasion, able to start up a unified resistance army in order to stop the Thayan Empire from expanding over the Rudric.
Content with what they had, many of the states turned to innovation and invention. It is believed that this is the reason Ruthaar got off much better than they could have during the Invasion. The inventors were the people who had the idea of the Kaers. Without this clever idea, it believed that Ruthaar would now be without a population.


Ruthaar was perhaps the land most affected by The Invasion. The Horrors stayed there in large groups for extended amounts of time, trying to crack the kaers. The inner continent, which once held the greater concentration of population, is now barren and desert. Like wise, the coast, which was normally unsafe, due to raids and such, has now become practically the only safe place. Many Horrors and Etherbeasts still reside deeper in the continent.

While the majority of the inhabitants are to forced to live on the outer most fringe of the continent, where they have access to water and trade, there are still a few groups who live farther in. One of the most common of these groups is the town or city, that is still living in their Kaer. They either don’t know about the Age of Awakening, or don’t want to believe it, for what ever reason. A slightly more common community is the peoples that are living ‘out of their kaer’. They still readily use it and its natural protection and defenses, and they live with in, but they have come out, and around the entrance set up slightly permanent dwellings or businesses, so as to trade off the supplies made with in, and acquire what else the community needs.

Ruthaar is also where the majority of the adventure is taking place so far.
It has started in Coolinth, the largest shipping port in the region.


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