The North

The North, beautiful, breath taking, and cold. Ruled over by the fabled Elf Queen in her Court of Winter, the land is various snow blasted barren areas of raw frozen tundra, interspersed with dwarfed stands of trees and shelters of rock and mountain. Home to the Elves more often just called Northerners, they are as serene, beautiful, and just as deadly harsh as their cruel land.


More than fifty years ago…

The North is a land held by forest and snow. It is ruled by the elves (often simply called Northerners), who can be cold and resilient as their harsh land. Their frosty temperament, has led mostly to seclusion with other races, but they are relatively common enough in human lands. Thay has tried many expeditions to gain more territory in the north, as it would make an ideal bridge for then invading Ruthaar, but every assault has been repelled with the simple grace northerners display in all ventures. Content to stay to themselves, they were on cool terms with most of Ruthaarian city states near the borders.

The North

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