A travelling storyteller and psion who is as mysterious as he is charismatic.


Quin-Var the Meditative is a travelling storyteller and accomplished psion who does his adventuring usually when he’s travelling from town to town for his work. His psionic abilities range from imposing a hint of mental imagery in people’s brains to moving large boulders a meter or two. His favorite is creating a force blade on his tail, gaining a second weapon in addition to the scimitar he carries with him. These powers wear on his mind, though, and if he does not rest his mind he can suffer fatiguing it and making his body think that it is fatigued as well, which is on top of the fatigue it already feels from his usual activity. His scimitar fighting style represents random and confusing movements that resemble breakdancing with a sturdy tail. He is a fellow middling in height and weight with turquoise scales and a yellow ochre crest.


Little is known of Quin-Var’s background simply because it’s hard to tell what is truth and what is part of his stories. What can be known for certain is that he was brought up by the Quin clan, a nomadic clan composed of hunters and thieves, and it was them that first taught him how to wield a scimitar. (He has obviously expanded on these teachings.) Why he left this clan is uncertain; he changes the story every time. He had his anionic powers from birth. Another minor detail is the little box the elder of the clan gave to him. He was instructed to, in his travels, find a certain someone to give this box to, as this person would lead Quin-Var to his destiny. Quin-var could not open the box and likely has never even tried. The box itself is small, wooden, and hinged, with a wrought-iron latch on the front locked with some sort of magic that can only be dispelled by the touch of its intended owner.


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